Asap Rocky net worth

ASAP ROCKY NET WORTH Girlfriend, Age, And Song

Net worth

News resources confirm that ASAP Rocky net worth is estimated at $10 million. He is a rapper, and record producer from the united state of America.

Net worth $10 million 
Date of birth 1988-10-03
Gender Male 
Profession Rapper, record producer 
Nationality United States of America 
Last updated 2022


ASAP Rocky net worth in 2018$4 million 
ASAP Rocky net worth in 2019$5 million 
ASAP Rocky net worth in 2020$7 million 
ASAP Rocky net worth in 2021$8 million 
ASAP Rocky net worth in 2022$10 million 

Asap Rocky net worth girlfriend?

  • ASAp Rocky girlfriend is below
  • Rihanna
  • Kendall Jenner
  • Tahiry Jose
  • Rita Ora
  • Chanel Iman
  • Iggy Azalea
  • And his net worth is $10 million 

Asap rocky net worth before fame?

Rocky has come a long way from a poverty-stricken neighborhood to an international rapper. As a child, he often sought shelter in camps with his mother and sister.

How much does asap rocky make per show?

In an interview with TMZ, Rocky said he makes more than $100,000 per show

Early life 

October 3, 1988, was the day Rakim Mayers was born in Harlem. It was during his primary school years that Mayers developed an interest in rap music. It wasn’t until the third grade that he released his first rap song.

In Mayers’ early childhood, his father was imprisoned for drug dealing, his brother died, and they were forced into a homeless shelter. Approximately a year passed as he and his mother roamed the streets with their sister.

Rapper A$AP Rocky continued to write songs while he was in prison for drug trafficking for two weeks. Cassanova, another future rapper, shared a cell with him.


Hip-hop artist and producer ASAP Rocky joined the A$AP Mob crew in 2007. He is a Harlem music fan. During the beginning of 2011, he began making waves on the national rap scene.

He had a song, “Peso”, featured on Hot 97 in the tri-state area. The music videos for the second track, “Purple Swag,” were instant hits, as well. He began touring immediately after receiving a 3 million dollar record deal from Sony, RCA Records, and Polo Grounds Music. His solo work would receive $1.7 million, while ASAP Worldwide would receive $1.3 million.

A&R and Steven Rodriguez (the executive producer of ASAP Yams) performed at Pitchfork Music Festival. Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon was his first television appearance that month.

In spite of this, he was arrested about a hundred miles away from his performance due to alleged involvement in a brawl the night before. He performed “Goldie” on the late show on August 21, after his show was rescheduled.

As well as debuting at number one on the Billboard 200, it received favorable reviews from critics. An A$AP Rocky’s Long tour spanned 40 dates across the country. In-person. Gold certification was granted to A$AP on March 16, 2015. Aside from his music success, he also launched the ASAP clothing line with designer Raf Simons in 2013.

“A.L.L.A”, Rocky’s second studio album, arrived one week before its planned May 25 release. Critics generally praised the film. The Billboard 200 debuted at No. 1 for his second consecutive number-one album; however, sales quickly declined and A.L.L.A became his least successful release.

Gucci Mane and 21 Savage released a single called Bad Company together with him to celebrate the release of Uncle Drew. A$AP Ferg’s latest album, Testing, first charted at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 chart on May 25, 2018. In April, he released a collaboration with 21 Savage and Gucci Mane.

Lana Del Ray, Drake, Kid Cudi, Tyler, the Creator, and Frank Ocean are among the artists he’s worked with over the years.

ASAP Rocky Music

ASAP Rocky Songs

  • Praise the lord
  • Good for you
  • Fashion Killa 
  • Everyday 
  • Fukk sleep
  • Wave Gods
  • PMW
  • Wild for the night

ASAP Rocky Album

  • Testing 
  • At.Long.Last
  • Long. Live
  • Beauty & the beast

ASAP Rocky Award and achievement

  • BET award for best collaboration
  • BET hip hop award for best collaboration
  • BET hip hop award for made you look award


He was offered a record deal by Polo Grounds Music, RCA Records, and Sony Music Entertainment due to the success of his mixtape. This is the first studio album he has released. A live performance. The Recording Industry Association of America certified A$AP (2013) as platinum upon its release on Billboard 200.

Other pursuits

A$AP Mob was seen using drugs at a clothing store in New York City in July 2012, resulting in Rocky’s assault suit. Following the appearance of pictures of the incident, Rocky was arrested and pleaded guilty to assault. A$AP Mob settled with the woman in April 2015 after charges of assault and misdemeanor were dropped when the witness failed to appear in court.

Personal life

Former relationships include a relationship with rapper Iggy Azalea from 2011-2012, a brief engagement with model Chanel Iman in 2013, and stating he is vegan. Rocky worked out a plea deal after pictures of the incident surfaced, alleging that he attacked a man who saw A$AP smoking pot in a clothing store.

A$AP continued to face misdemeanor and assault charges after allegedly hitting a woman at a music festival after the lawsuit was resolved in private in April 2014. Due to a failure to appear in court, the case was later dismissed.

As a result of a street altercation in Stockholm, Sweden, A$AP Rocky was arrested for aggravated assault on Mustafa Jafari in July 2019. The incident was alleged to have involved Jafari being beaten and kicked.

Jafari’s headphones broke during a scuffle in the first video, which shows Rocky and his entourage asking him to stop following them as well as two young men, including one named Jafari. Fearing that A$AP would flee or tamper with evidence, the two took him and his bodyguard into custody. The injured bodyguard of A$AP was taken to the hospital by ambulance, while Jafari was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

On July 30, Rocky was arrested and put in Kronoberg Remand prison pending trial. His tour was halted due to his incarceration. Activists, politicians, and supporters came together to fight for Rocky’s release after he was arrested. The American Embassy visited him, his family asked Al Sharpton for assistance, and many others fought for his release.

ASAP Rocky Girlfriend

  • Rihanna
  • Kendall Jenner
  • Tahiry Jose
  • Rita Ora
  • Chanel Iman
  • Iggy Azalea

ASAP Rocky Earning

His record production company generates around $1 million per year from endorsement deals, in addition to his albums. A number of albums are also produced by him.

ASAP Rocky Salary

  • ASAP Rocky’s annual income is $1,000,000+
  • ASAP Rocky’s monthly income is $250,000+

ASAP Rocky Per show earning

Rocky told TMZ that canceled shows would result in him losing $1.2 million.

ASAP Rocky Real estate

Asap Rocky net worth

The four,321-square-foot home’s five bedrooms were all located upstairs. The top landing offered VIP access to …

ASAP Rocky Cars

  • Ferrari 488 GTB
  •  Lamborghini Gallardo
  • BMW 5-Series
  •  Lexus LX

Biography 2023

It was in Harlem, Massachusetts, on October 3, 1988, that Rakim Athelaston Mayers was born. It hails from the duo Eric B. & Rakim, whose father is Barbadian and whose mother is Somalian. In addition to Rakim. Eric B is also the name of the duo Rakim and Erica. The two of them.

Favorite Quotes

  • I didn’t want to be a loser, but I didn’t want to fit in at the same time because I don’t like just being ordinary. So it’s one of those situations where I always keep my head up
  • “All of the young people—the artsy people, people who get overlooked because they’re weird or they don’t have hype around them—need to get some shine
  • There’s just so much out there and so much inspiration—I just want to be tasteful.
  • I’m not glorifying it at all, I’m just basically telling you that sometimes I have suicidal thoughts. And maybe I should seek help, or maybe it’s not that deep
  • “I’m a people person, believe it or not. I just have a dark side to me, which we all do
  • Don’t judge me if you don’t understand the reasons why I do what I do
  • I just want my fans to grow up and enjoy the music first, I don’t want to change the world, that’s not what my music is about
  • I represent the kids who come from nothing but who understand it all and love it all. That’s what I represent—those are the cool kids, you know, the kids of tomorrow, because who would’ve known that I’d be who I am today? We are the kids of tomorrow.
  • I treat everybody equally, and so I want to be sure that my listeners and my followers do the same if they’re gonna represent me. And if I’m gonna represent them, then I also want to do it in a good way
  • I’m not a gangster, bro.
  • I’m not a gay rights activist.
  • I love ‘Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling—don’t laugh at me!
  • I don’t cook, ’cause I don’t know how to cook.
  • “My real name’s Rakim—my parents named me after the god MC himself


The rapper A$AP Rocky lived in homeless shelters with his mother and sister and sold cannabis and crack on the streets while he was a teenager. The Bronx was his first stop for crack sales when he was fifteen years old. A shelter in New York was his first home, and then he moved to Midtown Manhattan with his mother.

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How much is ASAP Rocky worth in 2021?

He ranks among the richest rappers with a net worth of $10 million, but he still has a ways to go before he reaches the level of P. Diddy, Dr. Dre, or Jay Z.

How much is ASAP net worth?

A$AP Rocky’s net worth is $10 million: Rocky is a successful American rapper.

What is ASAP Rocky’s ethnicity?

Rakim Athelaston Mayers was born in the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan on October 3, 1988. His father hails from Barbados, and his mother is of Somalian ancestry, but she grew up in Harlem. He has an older brother and a younger sister.

Does ASAP Rocky have a child?

A$AP Rocky currently does not have any children of his own, however, he and singer Rihanna are expecting their first child soon. It will also be Rihanna’s first child since the star has not already had any offspring.

Are ASAP Ferg and ASAP Rocky still friends?

Ferg maintains a close relationship with A$AP Rocky as well. Although the pair may not display it on the ‘gram, Ferg says he was in L.A. with Rocky during the quarantine. “We were working on music and everything for most of the quarantine,” he says.

Did Rihanna and ASAP Rocky date?

According to a source, Rocky and Rihanna first became romantically involved in the summer of 2020. “They finally hooked up and have been together ever since,” the source said.

Did ASAP Rocky grow up poor?

He is named after the hip-hop artist Rakim, one-half of the Eric B. & Rakim duo. Rocky grew up in a crime-ridden community and has made his way to a place where he can now stand on his own as an international rapper. Rocky lived in camps as a child with his mother and grew up in a tough neighborhood.

Is Bari still in ASAP?

After ASAP Illz and ASAP Bari claimed that Ferg was no longer part of the collective, fans suspected Ferg had some kind of fallout with the group.


  • कई समाचार स्रोतों का अनुमान है कि ASAP रॉकी की कुल संपत्ति $ 10 मिलियन है।
  • हार्लेम में जन्मे रकीम मेयर्स का जन्म 3 अक्टूबर 1988 को हुआ था। एक बच्चे के रूप में, मेयर्स को रैप संगीत से मोहित किया गया था।
  • ए $ एपी रॉकी 2007 से ए $ एपी मोब क्रू का सदस्य रहा है, जहां वह एक रैपर, निर्माता और संगीत प्रेमी रहा है।
  • मिक्सटेप की सफलता ने पोलो ग्राउंड्स म्यूजिक, आरसीए रिकॉर्ड्स और सोनी म्यूजिक एंटरटेनमेंट से रिकॉर्ड सौदे किए।
  • जुलाई 2012 में न्यूयॉर्क शहर के कपड़े की दुकान में रॉकी द्वारा अवैध रूप से ड्रग्स लेते हुए देखने के बाद एक $ एपी मोब पर हमला करने के लिए मुकदमा दायर किया गया था।
  • अपनी मां के साथ बेघर आश्रयों में रहते हुए, ए $ एपी रॉकी ने अपनी किशोरावस्था में भांग और सड़कों पर दरार बेची। ब्रोंक्स उनका पहला पड़ाव था जब वह पंद्रह वर्ष के थे।

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