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Net worth

News resources confirm that David Dobrik net worth is estimated at $20 million. He is a YouTuber from Slovakia.

Net worth$20 million
Date of birth 1996-07-22
Gender Male 
Profession Youtuber 
Nationality Slovakia
Last updated 2023


David Dobrik Net Worth in 2019$13 million 
David Dobrik Net Worth in 2020$14.5 million
David Dobrik Net Worth in 2021$15 million 
David Dobrik Net Worth in 2022$20 million
David Dobrik Net Worth Forbes$15 million 

Early life 

At the age of six, the 24-year-old moved with his family from Kosice, Slovakia, to Vernon Hills, Illinois. Tennis was one of his favorite sports at Vernon Hills High School.

Dobrik moved to Los Angeles after graduating from high school to pursue tennis. After winning third place in the doubles tournament at the 2014 Boys Tennis State Tournament, he qualified for the 2015 Boys Tennis State Tournament.


When David posted his first video clip on Vine on April 3, 2013, he started his Vine career. On Vine, users were able to upload six-second comedy videos, including sketches, pranks, and song-offs. Following a reasonable number of followers on Vine, David began making videos on YouTube.

David joined the collaboration channel Second Class at the time because collaboration channels were popular. The Vine star David Dobrik, who has been collaborating with other Vine stars, launched his own channel in 2014.

David’s work ethic and creative editing style led him to gain over a million subscribers within a year. Rather than involving his comedy skits on David Dobrik Too, he created a separate channel in 2017.

In his David Dobrik Too channel, he posts bloopers, challenges, and Q & A videos with his girlfriend over the past year, the channel has been viewed 4.6 million times. a year.

David Dobrik Award and Achievement

  • YouTuber Of The Year
  •  YouTuber Of The Year
  • Shorty Award for Vlogger of the Year 2017
  • Streamy Award for breakout creator 2017
  • Kid,s choice award for a social star 2017


Dobrik has gained success on YouTube and is now appearing on big screens. As well as hosting the Teen Choice Awards with Lucy Hale in August 2019, he appeared in a number of other projects…

Other pursuits

Alongside Ciara and Debbie Gibson, Dobrik judged Nickelodeon’s show “America’s Most Musical Family” in July 2019. As well as his acting, he voiced the role of Axel in “The Angry Birds Movie 2” (2019) and starred in the 2015 short film “An Interrogation.” He also presented at the 2019 American Music Awards and was a guest judge on “Chopped Junior.”

Personal life

Until the age of 12, Dobrik was not a citizen of the United States. From late 2015 to early 2018, he dated Liza Koshy, another internet personality. A comedy vlog he posted on May 15, 2019, showed him marrying Lorraine Nash, the mother of Jason Nash, his friend, and collaborator.

In June of 2019, he announced he and his wife were divorcing; on November 22 of that year, he announced the divorce was final.

David Dobrik Girlfriend

David Dobrik net worth
  • Liza Koshy
  • Lorraine Nash
  • Natalie Mariduena

David Dobrik earning

David Dobrik’s net worth is estimated at $25 million at the moment. He’s probably best known for his Vine and YouTube channels (now defunct). A popular and well-paid social media personality, he has recently earned $15 million.

David Dobrik Salary

His Vine (now defunct) and YouTube channels made him a popular and high-paid social media personality. Recently, he earned more than $15 million.

David earned $16 million in 2020 from his empire, which includes EA, Bumble, SeatGeek, etc.

David Dobrik, per video earning

The platform’s Adpocalypse initiative and stricter YouTube guidelines mean he makes under $2,000 per video despite receiving more than 200 million views.

David Dobrik Real Estate

David Dobrik net worth

As reported by dirt.com, David paid an ungodly $9.5 million for a home in Sherman Oaks in August 2020. Here are some pictures of David’s previous home in Studio City, which he bought for $2.5 million in 2017. There will be a $3.5 million price tag on this house when it goes on the market in June 2021.

Biography 2023

The vlogger David Julián Dobr*k began his YouTube channel in 2015 after finding success on Vine. More than 18 million subscribers follow his self-titled YouTube channel, where he posts comedic videos…

Favorite Quotes

  • So I’m actually making less money a month on YouTube than I was when I was waiting tables at a retirement home.
  • We do and say it in our videos. “
  • “I want to be a kid when I grow up!
  • I want to be a late-night host and the podcast is a way for me to do longer-form interviews and get better at interviewing.
  • “I have something (YouTube) to work hard at. I just need to keep going and not stop. And that’s what I really like.
  • I always loved the saying, “Fortune favors the brave.”
  • If people see that you’re passionate about what you’re creating, they will enjoy it.
  • “Surprisingly getting my ears pierced wasn’t the dumbest decision made this week.”
  • I want to see the world
  • If you’re in it for the money, there’s no way you will ever make it. Ever


David Dobrik, a Slovak with one of the most popular YouTube channels, is among the most popular YouTube personalities. The most viewed channel on the platform in 2019 was his. The video with the most views on TikTok in 2019 was recently posted by David, who runs an extremely popular TikTok channel on the platform.

His social media work is supplemented by hosting and co-hosting TV shows on Nickelodeon, Discovery Channel, and the Nickelodeon show “America’s Most Musical Family”.

The audience choice creator of the year award was given to him at the 2017 Streamy Awards. YouTube subscribers number nearly 14 million and Vine followers number over one million for Dobrik. 

David Dobrik. Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Wikipedia

Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/daviddobrik/?hl=en

Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/checkpoint/1501092823525282/?next=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FDavidDobrikOfficial%2F

Twitter. https://mobile.twitter.com/daviddobrik?lang=en

Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Dobrik


How come David Dobrik is so rich?

Since Vine shut down in 2016, Dobrik has moved on to YouTube and has built the Vlog Squad, an ensemble of content creators. Beyond social media, Dobrik has also expanded to other business and entertainment ventures. In 2021, Dobrik’s net worth is estimated to be between $25 million and $30 million.

What is David Dobrik’s net worth in 2020?

Is David Dobrik’s net worth in 2020 is $20 million 

What is the salary of David Dobrik?

A prevalent and highest-paid social media personality, he is best known for his Vine (now defunct) and YouTube channels. His earnings recently exceeded $15 million.

What company owns David Dobrik?

Dispo is a photography app he co-founded in 2019. Dobrik is known for being a prominent member of the YouTube ensemble The Vlog Squad, which is often featured in his vlogs and consists of his friends on a rotating basis.

Who is Dobrik’s wife?

Lorraine Nash is Dobrik’s wife

Why is David canceled?

A YouTube spokesperson told Insider the company takes allegations of sexual assault very seriously and temporarily suspends monetization for David Dobrik and Dom Zeglaitis following the rape allegation.

What happened with David and Seth?

Former Vlog Squad members have accused David Dobrik of sexual assault over a prank he pulled on Seth Francois in 2017. Dobrik has apologized for the incident.


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