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Net worth

News resources confirm that Future net worth is $40 million. He is a Rapper, Singer, Songwriter from the united state of America. 

Net worth $40 million
Date of birth 1983-11-20
Gender Male 
Profession Rapper, Singer, Songwriter
Nationality United States of America 
Last updated 2023


Future net worth 2019$33 million
Future net worth 2020$35 million
Future net worth 2021$38 million
Future net worth 2022$40 million

How much does Future make a year?

Atlanta’s rap astronaut had a career-best revenue year after June 1st, 2016. Future’s haul rocketed to $23 million thanks to digital streams– and his new album is on the way.

Early life 

“The Future” was his nickname when he joined the musical collective The Dungeon Family. Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on November 20, 1983. He was encouraged by his cousin, Rico Wade, who was a member of the Dungeon Family and a record producer, to work on his songwriting and rapping skills and develop a career.

Throughout the years, Future has given credit to his cousin for creating his unique sound. Wade gave his young cousin a respite from life on the streets.


DJ Esco began playing Future’s songs at Magic City, a popular Atlanta strip club, in 2010 and produced mixtapes like “1000,” “Dirty Sprite,” and “True Story.” Future also released a joint album with Gucci Mane entitled “Free Bricks.”After making a name for himself at Magic City, Future started getting more attention and becoming known.

As well as ladies taking their clothes off is what the club is known for. Future was offered a record contract by Epic Records in the fall of 2011. In the spring of 2012, he released his debut album, Pluto, which had four successful singles, including “Turn on the Lights.”. After signing the record contract, he released the mixtape “Streetz Calling,” which became his most successful mixtape.

He followed up that album with “Honest,” which he released in 2014. “DS2” and “Evol” were his third and fourth albums, respectively. He released his debut album Future in February 2017 and his second album HNDRXX in September 2017.

In October 2018, Future released his mixtape titled “Wrld on Drugs” with the now-deceased rapper Juice Wrld. With “Wrld on Drugs,” Future achieved his 10th U.S. top 10 album. “Future Hndrzz Presents…” followed in second place. His seventh studio album, “The Wizard,” was released in January 2019 and served as the soundtrack for the film “The Wizard,” which appeared on Apple Music on January 11.

His collaboration on “King’s Dead,” which appeared on the soundtrack of the film “Black Panther,” garnered Future his first Grammy Award in February 2019. He followed that up with his first solo EP, “Save Me,” which topped the U.S. charts in June 2019.

Future Music

Future Song

  • Mask off
  • Bum Bum Tam Tam
  • Life is good
  • Low life
  • Love me
  • Too easy
  • Worst day
  • Turn on the light
  • Too comfortable

Future Album

  • Ds2
  • Future
  • High off life
  • Honest
  • Monster
  • 56 night

Future Award and Achievement

  • Grammy award for best rap performance
  • BET award for best group
  • BET Hip Hop award for best Hip Hop video
  • BET Hip Hop award for best club banger

Future Breakthrough

While Future has been making music since 2010, his first major breakthrough happened when he released his album DS2′ in 2015 and teamed up with Canadian rapper Drake to produce the mixtape ‘What a Time to Be Alive. Both albums performed exceptionally well.

Personal life

In addition to dating and breeding, Future has six children with six different women. Five of his babies were with identifiable women, and one of them was not. Among Future’s baby mamas is Jessica Smith, Brittni Mealy, India J, singer Ciara, and Joie Chavis. Future and Ciara have a son together, Future Zahir Wilburn, born on May 14, 2014.

Future was engaged to Ciara between 2013 and 2014, but the relationship broke up because of his infidelity. During the same time period, Jessica Smith and Ciara both sued Future. Smith is suing Future for failing to pay child support and claiming he neglected her son.

Ciara sued Future for defamation, slander, and libel for tweets he sent bashing her and complaining about her lifestyle.

Future has been sued by two women claiming that he is the father of their children in 2019. According to the women, Future refused to take a DNA test and one of them, Cindy Parker, dropped her lawsuit before it was filed. Seraphin claims Future communicated with her throughout the pregnancy.

She claims that he asked her when the baby was due and that he promised to support the child financially. As of August 2020, Seraphin said she had filed for divorce from Future.

Future Girlfriend

future net worth
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Blac Chyna
  • Joie Chavis
  • Larsa Pippen
  • Lori Harvey

Future Earning

In 2017, Future made $23 million in the year prior, bringing his total earnings over that period to $31 million. From September 2017 to September 2018, Future earned $30 million from touring, endorsements, royalties, and more.

Future has earned $73 million since the beginning of 2017 as a result of the 3 billion streams of his music.

Future Salary

  • The Rapper’s future monthly income is estimated at $1.5 million.
  • The Rapper Future’s per-song salary is $40,000.
  • The Rapper’s future yearly income is $23 million. 

Future Per show-earning

Artists get different amounts of money depending on their level of popularity. A well-known and popular rapper might request $30,001 to $100,000 per show.

Major rappers like Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Dr. Dre, usually get more.

Future Real estate

future net worth

Nile’s home is the largest private residence in the world and is valued at over $550 million. Master P, a hip-hop legend who is friends with the movie producer, took his followers on a tour of the home.

In Miami, Future is said to hold most of his parties. The house has everything from an ultramodern party pad to a custom-built swimming pool…

Future Car

future net worth

It is no secret that Future Rapper has one of the most expensive and luxurious cars, so let’s take a closer look at them. The No.1 “Rolls-Royce Ghost” is one of the most expensive cars on the planet. It cost $300,000. No. 2, “Lamborghini Aventador,” costs $400,000.

Among the most expensive cars he owns is a Bentley Bentayga, which costs around $230,000. No.4 is a Bentley Continental GT, which costs $200,000. No.5 is a Bentley Flying Spur, which costs $190,000. Np.6 is a Porsche 911 Turbo S, which costs $160,000. No.7 is a Mercedes MClass and costs $180,000.

Biography 2023

A rapper and singer by the name of Future, Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn was a pioneer in the use of melodies and vocal effects in modern trap music, particularly known for his mumbled vocal range.

Favorite Quotes

  • I’ve always been into fashion since I was a kid.
  • You make music to change the radio, not make music for the radio
  • The most fun moments are being on the stage and seeing how the crowd reacts to your music. The energy of the crowd makes you just want to go in and keep doing it and be a part of this forever.
  • I wanna make my imprint in the game as far as music – hip-hop, and just music, period. ‘Cause I come from hip-hop, that’s my background, but I’m not gonna let that limit me from where I can go.
  • The hardest part of fame and success is adapting to the people around you that are changing.
  • Where I know I wanna go is being consistent on business, and that’s just making another artist, my clothing line – capitalizing off the moment.
  • G-Rock from the Westside, from Allen Temple. He gave me my name, The Future; he was like, ‘Man, you the future.’ Just stuck with the name.
  • I know I haven’t always done things the right way. I’m just trying to reflect on how to make myself better, how to become a better man, a better father, a better person, and a better artist.
  • I was given this gift, and I’m making the most of my opportunity.
  • Rihanna takes risks, and I love a woman who takes risks. It just goes to show you have your own mind and your own way of thinking.
  • I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. I wouldn’t say musically, though.
  • My favorite rappers are, I can’t really say. I like Kanye because he’s so creative. He’ll just do anything. I like what Kanye’s bringing to the game. Lil Wayne. I like Wayne.
  • Every mistake you make allows you to be honest because what’s in the dark will come to light, so it’s better to be truthful about it.
  • I don’t just write hits for myself, or for other artists, or to just be writing it. I write it because I was born to do this.
  • My favorite designer has to be Louis Vuitton.
  • I can’t leave home without certain movies. ‘The Godfather is a big one for me. And I’ve gotta have my beats so I can write new music.
  •  feel like guitar explains a lot. You can just listen to a guitar without any lyrics over it; you can just feel what kind of track it is. If it’s pain… you can feel it. It sets the mood.
  • If you’re doing what you think people might like, rather than doing what you like, people will see through it.


As Future, he is best known for his use of melodies and vocal effects. He was born Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, a rapper, and singer from Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

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What is future net worth?

Approximately $40 million is the estimated net worth of Future as of 2022. Future, an American rapper, songwriter, singer, and record producer, first launched his career as a member of the “Dungeon Family” collective.


  • समाचार संसाधन पुष्टि करते हैं कि फ्यूचर की कुल संपत्ति $40 मिलियन है।
  • “द फ्यूचर” उनका उपनाम था जब वे संगीत सामूहिक द डंगऑन फ़ैमिली में शामिल हुए। Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn का जन्म 20 नवंबर, 1983 को अटलांटा, जॉर्जिया में हुआ था।
  • डीजे एस्को ने 2010 में एक लोकप्रिय अटलांटा स्ट्रिप क्लब मैजिक सिटी में फ्यूचर के गाने बजाना शुरू किया और “1000,” “डर्टी स्प्राइट” जैसे मिक्सटेप का निर्माण किया।
  • जबकि फ्यूचर 2010 से संगीत बना रहा है, उसे पहली बड़ी सफलता तब मिली जब उसने 2015 में अपना एल्बम DS2 ‘जारी किया।
  • डेटिंग और प्रजनन के अलावा, फ्यूचर के छह अलग-अलग महिलाओं के साथ छह बच्चे हैं। उनके पांच बच्चे पहचाने जाने योग्य महिलाओं के साथ थे और उनमें से एक नहीं था।
  • फ्यूचर के नाम से एक रैपर और गायक, नायवादियस डीमुन विल्बर्न आधुनिक ट्रैप संगीत में धुनों और मुखर प्रभावों के उपयोग में अग्रणी थे, विशेष रूप से उनकी गंदी मुखर रेंज के लिए जाने जाते थे।
  • जहां तक ​​फ्यूचर की बात है, उन्हें धुनों और मुखर प्रभावों के उपयोग के लिए जाना जाता है। उनका जन्म नेवादियस डीमुन विल्बर्न, एक रैपर और बाल्टीमोर, मैरीलैंड, यूएसए के गायक के रूप में हुआ था।

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