JACK HARLOW NET WORTH Song, Age, And Girlfriend

Jack Harlow Net Worth

Net worth

News resources confirm that Jack Harlow net worth is $4 million. He is a singer, rapper, and songwriter from the United States of America.

Net Worth $4 million 
Date of Birth 1998-03-13
Gender Male 
ProfessionRapper, Singer, Songwriter 
NationalityUnited States of America 
Last Updated2022


News resources confirm that Jack Harlow net worth is $4 million.

Jack Harlow was born as Jackman Harlow on March 13, 1998, in Louisville, Kentucky, to Brian and Maggie.

Harlow launched his initial business EP, “The Good-looking Harlow,” in November of 2015.

Jack Harlow’s father’s call is Mr. Brian Harlow, and his mother’s call is Mrs. Maggie Harlow.

Born on March 13, 1998, Jack Harlow’s age has do with 24 years from 2022.

Jack Harlow is an American rapper who is ideally recognized for his solitary ‘What’s Poppin’.

Early life 

Jack Harlow was born as Jackman Harlow on March 13, 1998, in Louisville, Kentucky, to Brian and Maggie. He was raised on a steed ranch, as well as has actually a more youthful sibling called Clayborn. Harlow is of Irish as well as French ancestry. At the age of 12, he started rapping, as well as utilizing a microphone as well a laptop computer with his buddy Copeland to document defeats. Together, the children made a CD called “Rippin’ as well as Rappin’,” which they marketed duplicates of at Highland Center College. In the 7th grade, Harlow made his initial mixtape, called “Added Credit Scores.” He additionally developed a team with his pals called the Moose Gang. Throughout senior high school, Harlow performed sold-out programs at a variety of Louisville locations, including Mercury Ballroom as well as the Haymarket Scotch Bar.


Harlow launched his initial business EP, “The Good-looking Harlow,” in November of 2015. The following year, after graduating from Atherton High Institution, he launched a mixtape called “18”; it was the initial CD on his tag Exclusive Yard. In 2017, Harlow launched the songs “Regular” as well as “Dark Knight,” the last of which came to be the lead single on his mixtape “Gazebo.”

In 2018, Harlow relocated to Atlanta, as well as took a job at the Georgia Mention College snack bar to gain added revenue. Quickly then, he was presented to DJ Dramatization, whose document tag Generation Currently he was ultimately authorized to. Harlow took place to launch his significant tag launching mixtape, “Loosened.” In 2019, he launched the solitary “Through the Evening” as well as the mixtape “Confetti.”


Jack Harlow’s Songs 

  • First Class 
  • What’s Poppin 
  • Nail Tech 
  • SUVs 
  • Tyler Herro 
  • Churchill Downs 
  • Already best friends,
  • Way Out 
  • Luv’s Dro
  • I Got A Shot 
  • Movie Star 
  • Route 66  

Jack Harlow’s Album

  • Come Home, the Kids Miss You.
  • That’s What They All Say
  • Sweet Action
  • Confetti
  • Gazebo
  • The Handsome Harlow

Jack Harlow’s Award and Achievement


Harlow started his business development in January of 2020 when he launched “What’s Poppin,” the lead single from his EP “Pleasant Activity.” The track got to second on the Billboard Warm 100 when it was re-released as a remix in June, while its song’s video clip racked up over 100 million views. Additionally, “What’s Poppin” was chosen for a Grammy Honor for Ideal Rap Efficiency. Harlow proceeded with his success with the solitary “Moana,” including G-Eazy, and also “Tyler Herro.”

In December of 2020, Harlow produced his launching workshop cd, “That’s What They All Claim.” It consists of guest appearances by a variety of other musicians, consisting of Huge Sean, Lil Wayne, Lil Child, DaBaby, and also Adam Levine. “That’s What They All Claim” was a considerable success, propelling it to number 5 on the Billboard 200 and also second on the Leading R&B/Hip-Hop Albums graph.

Other pursuits

Harlow is associated with a variety of charitable as well as activism-related triggers. In 2020, he went to a Black Lives Issue rally to demonstrate the cops’ eliminating Breonna Taylor, which occurred in his hometown of Louisville. Throughout the year, Harlow contributed to countless Louisville-based teams, consisting of the Facility for Females as well as Family Members, City Joined Means, as well as the Elegance M. James Academy of Quality. He likewise partnered with KFC as well as its mom and dad businesses, Yum! Brand names, to contribute a quarter of a million dollars to the American Red Cross, in order to assist those impacted by a fatal hurricane in Western Kentucky.

Personal life

Jack Harlow’s father’s call is Mr. Brian Harlow, and his mother’s call is Mrs. Maggie Harlow. His daddy and also mom run their very own service with each other.

He has a brother called Clay Harlow. Jack Harlow’s marriage condition is single. He is neither involved nor dating any individual just lately. He was formerly rumored to have actually had an event with TikTok celebrity Addison Rae. Both of them were identified with each other at public locations. Nonetheless, none validated their partnership openly.

Jack Harlow’s girlfriend

jack harlow net worth
  • Saweetie 
  • Addison Rae 
  • Neelam Thadhani

Jack Harlow Earning

Jack Harlow net worth is $4 million. 

Jack Harlow’s Salary

Jack Harlow’s salary is $900K per year. 

Biography 2023

Born on March 13, 1998, Jack Harlow’s age has to do with 24 years from 2022. He was raised and elevated in an upper-middle-class household from Shelbyville, Kentucky, Joined Specifies. He is recognized to be an American by nationality and adheres to the Christian religion’s religious beliefs. He has a combined French and Irish ethnicity.

He obtained his very early education and learning from Highland Center College and participated in Atherton High College, where he finished secondary school in 2016. His mom was a song enthusiast and made him pay attention to rap songs, so he built a passion for songs from a really young age. He began rapping and moved from Shelbyville to Louisville at the age of 12.

Favorite Quotes

  • “I always know there’s going to be a response.” A resp5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp% 5Eserp%7Ctwgr%  I knew there were going to be some comments like that, but I just let the music speak and the raps speak. The song is undeniable. It’s just one of those records. ” – Jack Harlow 
  • “I think authenticity resonates with people. I think people believe me and people can tell that I’m secure in myself. I’ve been doing that my whole life. I was rapping in high school and there were kids that used to hate on me, who now show me a lot of love. I’m in the business of turning skeptics into believers. ” – 
  • “I think people are unaware of my musical range, and that’s something about this album I’m excited about. I’m really excited to show that off. I haven’t had a really melodic record hit big for me, and melody is a big part of what I do. I’m very musical and groovy in general. I think people right now have me boxed in as the white boy who can really rap. ” – Jack Harlow
  • “To me, it’s music that the culture digests all at the same time, on a decently mass level. Everyone kind of gets a chance to feel it and anticipate it. And then, secondly, the music ages well, and it’s timeless. I just have a good feeling about this music aging well.” – Jack Harlow 
  • “I don’t know if credibility is a requirement to have success, but it’s important to me. When I was shopping around before I signed, I wasn’t like, ‘I’m not signing until I find some black gatekeepers.” – Jack Harlow 


Jack Harlow is an American rapper who is ideally recognized for his solitary ‘What’s Poppin’. Harlow went down with his debut CD ‘That’s What They All Say’ in 2020.

His solitary ‘What’s Poppin” got to the second place on the Billboard Warm 100 graph and the US R & B/Hip-Hop graph. To this day, he is among the most recognized names in the hip jump market.

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How did Jack Harlow get famous?

6 months after the launch of “What’s Poppin,” Harlow offered his large solitary an all-star renovation by including DaBaby, Tory Lanez, and Lil Wayne in the main remix, for which he additionally tape-taped a brand-new verse.

What did Jack Harlow say to Brandy?

Brandy pokes fun at rapper Jack Harlow after he classified the R & B celebrity as ‘Ray J’s sister’. Brandy captured wind of the trade on Twitter a number of days later, playfully hinting that action was en route. She quipped, “I will certainly murk this man in rap at 43 on his very own defeats, then sing [his] butt to rest.”

Is Jack Harlow in a relationship?

Who is Jack Harlow dating? At the moment of composing, the ‘What’s Poppin’ celebrity opens remarks concerning his thoughts on partnerships in a current meeting with GQ Buzz. Unfortunately for followers, he confessed he would not be open to dating a follower as he’d wind up ‘closing up a little.

What is Jack Harlow’s net worth?

Jack Harlow Internet Jack Harlow is an American rapper, vocalist, as well as songwriter, who has had a net worth of $5 million since 2022. He climbed to popularity after launching his solitary What’s Poppin in 2020, which peaked at number 2 on the US Billboard Warm 100.

Is Jack Harlow and Winnie Harlow related?

It is not simply a coincidence that Jack and Winnie Harlow have the very same surname. They are really relatives. Winnie just lately validated this on her Instagram story, after publishing a survey for followers that defined her link to the rapper.

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