Lil Durk Faces Backlash

Lil Durk Faces Backlash

Lil Durk Faces Backlash from Baby Mother over Desire for Another Son

On Saturday, Lil Durk took to Instagram to express his desire to have another son, but his post did not sit well with one of his baby’s mothers. Travolta, who claims that Lil Durk fathered her son, called out the rapper for not acknowledging paternity for her child and being a “deadbeat.”

Lil Durk already has six children, but he says he wants to have one more son before he retires from having children. However, Travonna was quick to point out that he already has a son that he refuses to acknowledge. In a series of Instagram Stories, she expressed her frustration, saying that she has been respectful to him and his family for long enough.

Travonna shared screenshots of conversations proving that Lil Durk’s family has reached out to her in the past, but the rapper himself has made no effort to acknowledge their son, Romeo. She also shared a screenshot of Lil Durk’s sister and her son chatting on an Instagram video, indicating that the family is involved with the child.

The situation sheds light on the challenges faced by single mothers who have to raise children without the support of their fathers. It also highlights the responsibility that comes with being a celebrity and the importance of acknowledging paternity and supporting one’s children.

Lil Durk has not responded to Travonna’s accusations publicly. Still, the incident serves as a reminder that actions have consequences, and it’s essential to take responsibility for one’s actions, especially when it comes to parenthood.

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