MEEK MILL NET WORTH Career, Houses, And Relationship

Net worth

News resources confirm that Meek Mill net worth is estimated at $20 million. He is a rapper and songwriter from the United States of America. 

Net worth $20 million 
Date of birth 1987-05-06
Gender Male 
Profession Rapper, songwriter 
Nationality United States of America 
Last updated 2023

Early life 

William Robert Rahmeek, also known as Meek Mill, was born in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on May 6, 1987. Williams is the son of a robber who killed his father when he was five. Meek’s mom, Kathy, worked many jobs to support her family after her husband died. She sometimes resorted to shoplifting to support her family.

When Meek was a kid, he was shy. His uncle, Grandmaster Nell, was a pioneering DJ in the hip-hop scene of Philadelphia around the time of the late 1980s. While still a teenager, Meek began participating in rap battles under the name Meek Millz, which he formed with three companions as The Bloodhounds. DJ Grandmaster Nell was an inspiration for DJ Jazzy Jeff as well as Will Smith.

The police beat Meek so badly that both of his eyes were swollen, his lips swelled, and his braid was ripped out when he was 18. Meek was charged with illegally possessing a firearm when he was arrested while walking to a corner store. Meek was placed on probation because the police alleged he chased them with the gun and attempted to kill them.


His first mixtape that caught the attention of T.I. and Warner Brothers Records was 2007’s Flamerz. That mixtape and its followup, “Flamerz 2-Hottest in the City,” helped Meek break into the music industry. After spending seven months in jail,

Before he had time to decide which label to join, he signed with Rick Ross’ Warner Brothers Music label, Maybach Music Group. Dreams and Nightmares, his debut album, was released in 2012His first album “The New Golden Age” reached number one on the U.S. Hip Hop, Rap, and R&B charts, as well as on the Billboard 200 chart. His second album, “Dreams Worth More Than Money,” reached number one on the same charts.

His third album, “Wins and Losses,” hit number two on the charts. A mixtape series named after Meek’s record label was launched in October 2012

Meek Mill Music

  • Going Bad
  • All Eyes on You
  • Sharing Locations
  • 1942 Flows
  • Dreams and Nightmares
  • Bugatti
  • Litty
  • Ima Boss
  • Chiraq
  • Blue Notes 2
  • That’s My Nigga
  • Heaven or Hell
  • We Ball
  • Intro
  • Dangerous
  • Blue Notes
  • R.I.C.O.
  • Pain Away
  • On My Soul

Meek Mill’s Album

  • Dreams and Nightmares
  • Expensive Pain
  • Championships
  • Wins & Losses
  • Dreams Worth More Than Money
  • DC4
  • Dream Chaser V
  • Dream Chaser 4
  • Mr. Philadelphia
  • First Come First Serve
  • Dream Chaser 3
  • Milladelphia
  • Unreleased Killadelphia Muzik
  • Face To Face
  • The Freestyles (the DJ Trigga & Grz Tapez Present)
  • Lionhearted 3

Meek Mill Award and Achievement

Meek Mill Other pursuits

The judge revoked Meek’s travel permit in late 2012 after he violated his probation. Meek was sentenced to 11-23 months in prison plus 8 years probation for drug dealing and gun possession in 2008.

As a result, he made threats to his probation officer via social media in the spring of 2013. The court ordered him to take etiquette classes for violating his probation once again.

Having violated his parole once again in December of 2017, the judge did not grant him another chance. The judge ordered him to stop working until he is sentenced. Meek was sentenced to 90 days of house arrest in February of 2016.

He served five months at the State Correctional Institution in Chester, Pennsylvania, for violating his parole. Meek Mill was arrested on March 11, 2017, after assaulting two pedestrians in St. Louis, Missouri. He was sentenced to two to four years in state prison.

It focuses on his many brushes with the criminal justice system. Meek produced the series, which was released in August 2019.

Personal life

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill began dating in early 2015, and Mill was the opening act for her world tour. The duo ended their relationship in January 2017.

The REFORM Alliance Foundation was founded in 2018 by Mill and JayZ, who, following their release from state custody, sought reform in the criminal justice system by urging changes in laws, policies, and practices.

Meek Mill Girlfriend

meek mill net worth
  • Milan Harris
  • Bernice Burgos
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Briona Mae
  • Iesha Marie
  • Jai Nice
  • Elle Varner
  • K. Michelle

Meek Mill’s Earnings

The highest-earning rapper on the planet earned $25 million between September 2017 and September 2018, which makes him one of the 20 highest-paid rappers on the planet.

He has endorsement contracts with Amazon and Puma. He earned a further $20 million between September 2018 and September 2019.

Meek Mill’s Salary

By 2022, Roger Dean will have a net worth of $25 million. Nova has made money through concert tours, which have totaled more than $13 million, albums, single sales amounting to $6.3 million, and so on.

Youtube has invested around $4 million in endorsement deals. Some of the brands that meek has endorsed are Monster energy drink, Ruma, and many others.

Meek Mill ‘Per Show Earnings

After Meek revealed that he earns $30K a show, Meek said, “That’s good.”

Meek Mill Real estate

meek mill net worth

The building on the site of Frank Sinatra’s former home dates from 2008, and it has a 10340 square foot living area with panoramic city and mountain views. Meek and Nicki Minaj rented the mansion in Beverly Hills for $35,000 a month.

An eight-bedroom house with a two-story foyer, a living room with a fireplace, a library with built-ins, a formal dining room, a family room, an eat-in kitchen, and a two-story atrium features a circular driveway.

Biography 2023

The first musical career of Robert Rihmeek Williams (born May 6, 1987) was as a battle rap artist. After leaving his hometown of Philadelphia, he formed a rap group called The Bloodhounds. Meek Mill moved to Atlanta.

Meek Mill’s first record label, Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group (MMG), acquired him in February 2011, after he left Grand Hustle Records. Mill’s debut album, Dreams, and Nightmares, was released in 2012 via MMG and Warner Bros.

In October 2012, Mill announced that Dream Chasers Records would be launching a label imprint based on his popular mixtape series. The album debuted at number two on the U.S. Billboard 200.

In addition to collaborating frequently with his fellow MMG label-mates, Meek Mill has also appeared on MMG’s Self-Made compilation series, with his first two singles, “Tupac Back” and “Ima Boss”, appearing on volume one.

Favorite Quotes

  • It’s cool when people know you more, but I like it when people treat me regularly when they see me.
  • Remember, nobody believed in us. When they see us now, they can’t believe it’s us.
  • I don’t want to just be fully rapping my whole life.
  • If you don’t stand for anything, you will fall for something.
  • What’s free? “Free” is when nobody else can tell us what to be. Free is when the TV ain’t controllin’ what we see.
  • No matter how successful you become, you have to keep grindin’ and be a good person, and then good things will come to you.
  • I think artists should be able to do different things whenever they want, and I like the way I am. I’m like—I ain’t gonna say the only street rapper, but the only mainstream, new, young street rapper there is right now, and I’m doing well with it.
  • How can I pledge allegiance to the flag? When are they killin’ all our sons, all our dads?
  • I said some things I could never forget.
  • I don’t wear see-through shirts or anything too glittery. I come from that ’90s school of rap. I fitted caps, because I got a big head, so snapbacks don’t fit me right.
  • Everybody thinks they’re famous when they get 100,000 followers on Instagram and 5,000 on Twitter. “
  • I stay in my lane, but I always try to graduate to the next level. You know what I’m saying. I stay hungry. “
  • I work hard. I focus on myself and putting food on my dinner table before anything else. “
  • “See my dreams unfold, nightmares come true.” It was time to marry the game, and I said, “Yeah, I do.” If you want it, you got to see it with a clear-eyed view.
  • I used to pray for times like this, to rhyme like this. So I had to grind like that to shine like this.
  • I don’t have time to waste my time. “
  • I always had pressure on myself throughout my life. I put pressure on myself and not on other people. I always wanted to be one of the hottest rappers. So the pressure comes from me. “
  • I’m on the page that I want to be bigger than the world. You know what I’m saying. People told me I wasn’t going to make it this far. But I always believed I was going to make it this far.
  • Big dreams turn into big things.
  • “Don’t give up, the beginning is always the hardest.”


His mother, who struggled to support him and his sister, raised Meek Mill on the north side of his hometown after he was born Robert Rihmeek Williams in South Philadelphia.

His early love of hip-hop was sparked by family musicians and local figures including Will Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Chic Raw, and Vodka.

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How much money does Meek Mill make a year?

The highest-earning rapper on the planet earned $25 million between September 2017 and September 2018, which makes him one of the 20 highest-paid rappers on the planet. He has endorsement contracts with Amazon and Puma. He earned a further $20 million between September 2018 and September 2019.

Who is the richest between Meek Mill and Drake?

How much money is Drake and Meek Mill worth? Drake’s net worth in 2021 Forbes is estimated to be $200 million while Meek Mill’s $20 million. Drake’s worth is $180 million while Meek Mill’s worth is $20 million.

Has Meek Mill had a #1 song?

A number one US Billboard 200 album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, was released by Meek Mill in June 2015. It produced the singles, “Check”, “All Eyes On You” with Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown and “R.I.C.O.” with Drake.

How many records has Meek Mill Sold?

Meek Mill sold 82,000 streaming equivalent albums (SEA) in his first week. He sold another 3,000 track equivalent albums (TEA). The bulk of his first-week sales came from streaming. He racked up 110.53 million on-demand streams.

Who is Meek Mill’s artist?

Originally from Philadelphia, Meek Mill began his career as a battle rapper, then joined a short-lived rap group, The Bloodhounds, before starting his solo career in 2012.


  • समाचार संसाधन इस बात की पुष्टि करते हैं कि मीक मिल की कुल संपत्ति $20 मिलियन आंकी गई है।
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  • उनका पहला मिक्सटेप जिसने टी.आई. का ध्यान खींचा। और वार्नर ब्रदर्स रिकॉर्ड्स 2007 का फ्लेमर्ज़ था।
  • निकी मिनाज और मीक मिल ने 2015 की शुरुआत में डेटिंग शुरू की, और मिल उनके विश्व दौरे के लिए शुरुआती अभिनय था। दोनों ने जनवरी 2017 में अपने रिश्ते को खत्म कर लिया।
  • रॉबर्ट रिहमेक विलियम्स (जन्म 6 मई, 1987) का पहला संगीत कैरियर एक युद्ध रैप कलाकार के रूप में था। अपने गृहनगर फिलाडेल्फिया को छोड़ने के बाद, उन्होंने द ब्लडहाउंड्स नामक एक रैप समूह बनाया।
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