Metro Boomin Reveals Young Thug's

Metro Boomin Reveals Young Thug’s World-Dominating Plans After Release from Jail

Exclusive: Metro Boomin Reveals Young Thug’s World-Dominating Plans After Release from Jail

Atlanta rapper Young Thug has been making headlines recently due to his incarceration as part of a RICO trial. The rapper, along with a dozen others, is accused of committing crimes as part of a gang, with his label, YSL, being implicated in the allegations. While many of Thug’s co-defendants have accepted plea deals, Young Thug has remained steadfast in his defense, with the trial still in the jury selection stage as of January 2023.

Despite the serious nature of the charges against him, Young Thug appears to be in good spirits and is looking forward to his release from prison. In a recent conversation with Atlanta super producer Metro Boomin, Thug revealed some of his plans for the future, which Metro Boomin described as “world-dominating.”

Metro Boomin, who has been a close friend and collaborator of Young Thug’s for years, shared the news of their conversation on social media. While he did not reveal any specific details about Thug’s plans, Metro Boomin’s post suggested that the rapper is planning something big upon his release from prison.

“Talked to [spider emoji] today and jus kno when he touchdown the whole [world] gon feel it,” Metro Boomin wrote in his post.

This news is sure to excite Young Thug’s fans, who have been eagerly anticipating new music from the rapper. While Thug has been relatively quiet on the music front in recent months, it seems that he has been using his time in prison to plan his next moves.

Despite the serious charges he is facing, Young Thug has the support of his friends and fans, who believe in his talent and resilience. As Metro Boomin put it during a recent radio interview, “Anybody know Slime know he got a heart of gold but he got the heart of a warrior at the same time so like, he got his head up. And I pray for him every single day, even since everything first happened, I pray for him every single day.”

As Young Thug’s trial continues, his fans and supporters will be eagerly anticipating news of his release and the world-dominating plans he has in store.

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