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nicki minaj net worth

Net worth

Nicki Minaj net worth is $100 million. She is one of the most successful and talented artists in the world today. She is a singer, actress, rapper, and musician from the United States of America.

Net worth $100 million 
Date of Birth 1982-12-08
Gender Female 
Profession singer, actor, rapper, musician, songwriter 
Nationality United States of America 
Last updated 2023


Nicki Minaj Net Worth in 2019$80 million
Nicki Minaj Net Worth in 2020$80 million
Nicki Minaj Net Worth in 2021$100 million
Nicki Minaj Net Worth in 2022$100 million 
Nicki Minaj Net Worth Forbes $100 million 

Nicki Minaj’s age net worth?

Nicki Minaj’s age is 38 and her net worth is estimated at $100 million.

cardi b vs Nicki Minaj’s net worth?

Cardi b net worth is $24 million and Nicki Minaj’s net worth is estimated at $100 million

Nicki Minaj’s husband’s net worth?

Nicki Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty’s net worth is $500 thousand.

Nicki Minaj’s twin sister’s net worth?

Nicki Minaj’s twin sister’s net worth is $85 million.

Early life

Trinidad and Tobago is the home of Nicki Minaj. It is believed that she was born in Saint James, Trinidad, and Tobago, on December 8, 1982.

In addition to drinking and using drugs, Nicki’s father physically abused her. At the age of just seven, her family’s home burned down. Carol worked at Long Island Jewish Medical Center as a payroll worker when Nicki was five years old.

A performing arts school in New York City, LaGuardia High School of Music and Dance, admitted Minaj as an audition candidate. She applied and was accepted to the program. She wished to become a singer-songwriter. Her character’s name was Erica Moore, and she was cast in the Off-Broadway play “In Case You Forget” after graduation.

During this time also served seafood at Red Lobster and received tips during this time. fired for being rude as a result of being rude to customers, she was later fired after they requested not to be placed on her shift jobs, saying that she has been fired “at since then, Minaj has worked at several jobs, saying she has been fired “at least 15 times” due to her rudeness


It was through appearances in other artists’ work that Minaj got her start. As a college student, Minaj discovered Lil Wayne’s music online, which led to her career. In a short time, Lil Wayne signed Minaj to his Young Money Entertainment label and management company as the label’s first female signee. When Lil Wayne was interviewed on Hot 97 radio in 2007, he introduced Minaj to the audience.

Her first mixtape, “Playtime Is Over,” was released shortly after that appearance. After that, some mixtapes came out like “Sucka Free” in 2008 and “Beam Me Up Scotty” in 2009.

It sold a total of four million copies around the world when Minaj released Pink Friday (Young Money). A similar level of success was achieved by her second album, Pink Friday: Roman In spite of mixed reviews, it eventually became platinum.

NickAside from being a judge on American Idol, Nicki Minaj also became known for her role on the show December 2014, she released The Pinkprint, her third studio album despite no major singles or pre-release promotion aside from online streaming, this attempt was a resounding success album ultimately sold over 650,000 coIn 2019, the album sold over 650,000 copies with her last but not least, she blessed fans with the release of her latest sale Billboard 200 ranked this album #2fied PlatOver 1 million copies of the album were eventually sold in the United States, making it Platinum-certified

Nicki Minaj Music

  • Moment 4 Life (featuring Drake)
  • Super Bass
  • Lookin’ Ass
  • Itty Bitty Piggy
  • Monster
  • Your Love
  • Feeling Myself
  • Truffle Butter 
  • High School
  • Starships
  • Roman’s Revenge
  • Beez In The Trap
  • Hello Good Morning
  • Chun-Li
  • Here I Am
  • Catch Me
  • Anaconda

Nicki Minaj Album

  • Queen                                                           (2018)
  • The Pinkprint                                                 (2014)
  • Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded                      (2012)
  • Pink Friday                                                    (2010)

Nicki Minaj award and achievement

In 2012, Avicii received his second MOBO Award for Best International Act. In 2011, Minaj was nominated for 11 awards and won four of them.

Pink Friday 2011 – Best Hip Hop/Rap Album – American Music Awards

In 2011, 2012, and 2015, the American Music Awards recognized favorite rappers in hip-hop.

Award for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist at the 2010 BET Awards, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Rising Star (2011) – Billboard Women in Music


It was the fall of 2010 when Minaj released her debut album, Pink Friday, after months of anticipation. The following month, she released a follow-up to Massive Attack (“Your Love” in June), winning Best Hip Hop Female at the BET Awards.

The sources are linked. After signing with Young Money Entertainment in 2010, Nicki Minaj’s success in the music industry didn’t begin until she released the hit single “Massive Attack.” The autotuned sound of Annie Lennox and the fact that it stood out from other songs released at the time were what made the single so popular. The song became popular, increasing the hype surrounding Nicki Minaj. 

After being released as an official single, Nicki Minaj also released a second single titled “Your Love” which went on to peak at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Many people have started to become fans of her music Her music has gained many fans since then, and now almost everyone listens to her almost every day.

People wonder how this one girl rose overnight to become so famous! Nicki Minaj recorded a song called Nicki Minaj recorded a song in 2011 called “Your Love,” according to a new interview with The Fader rapping stronger dislike of the song was that it was a vocal track and not one of her typical raps and became an instant was accidentally put online by her team without her permission immediately, it went viral online

other pursuits

Divine Design’s five-day event and gala will take place at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles on Wednesday, which will include an auction of a Nicki Minaj Barbie doll. Until Dec. 19, bids will be accepted at a starting point of $1,000. Carol Channing, Rachel Zoe, and Janet Jackson have all auctioned off one-of-a-kind Barbies at the event in the past.

Food will be provided for HIV-affected men, women, and children by Project Angel Food. Akon claims that every step of the process was an accident. ( will publish an image of the doll later today.) The Cruz Show reported that Nicki was against releasing the record. At that time, her management was not keen on releasing it, but the public liked it, so the record labels came together and said “let’s resurrect it.” Wow.

We may never have seen yet another variation of the female rapper persona if it hadn’t been leaked by some sneaky snake at the studio, which is what banks push these days (quite frequently) because Nicki Minaj is so popular. It is unlikely that singers like Adele and Demi Lovato would have ever discovered they could rap too if they hadn’t been exposed to these radio-friendly femcees creating commercially acceptable records for airplay and even dominating genres like pop music.

personal life

From 2000 to 2014, Minaj dated rapper Samuels. She began dating rapper Melle in 2015. They broke up in His crew has been criticizing her on social media since they broke up in 2016. Since late 2018, Minaj has been romantically linked to childhood friend Petty, and since February 2019, she has been On October 21, 2019, she became her married cousin of Nicki’s.

She was murdered in 20 It is reported that Nicki’s home was broken into by burglars in February 2017 as a way of causing trouble and damage. The burglars are said to have “flipped furniture” ng distress and damage. At this time, it also seems there was quite a haul as they made off with approximate also appears they made off with about $200,000 worth of items at this time evicted of predatory sexual assault Jelani Ervin-Bostic, the brother of Dr. Janaye Ervin-Bostic, was allegedly found guilty of predatory sexual assault against a child and endangering a child’s welfare on JIn the end, he was only sentenced to 25 years to life by the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office on November 6th, 2017

The family of Nicki Minaj

nicki minaj net worth

With her ability to express movement or ride the beat of a rap beat, she is above and beyond the rest. In everything she does, Nicki Minaj shows her love and pride for her family as a married woman. The birth of her daughter Lira on October 25th, 2010 makes her think very positively about the future.

The unknown is the name of her son. Nicki Minaj is currently single, but previously appreciated Kenneth Petty’s love. A financial planner, Robert Maraj, worked for the company. Additionally, Carol Maraj sang professionally in gospel choirs in addition to being an accountant.

Due to his drug and alcohol addiction, Robert set fire to the family’s home in December 1987. Upon the fire, Carol moved into a house in Saint James with her relatives. Her grandmother, Jelani Maraj, Maya Maraj (her sister), Micaiah Maraj, and Ming Maraj (her brothers) relocated to Glen Cove with the rest of the family.

Nicki Minaj Career Earning with year

  • She earned $21 million in 2015
  • She earned $4 million in 2010
  • She earned $6.5 million in 2011
  • She earned $15.5 million in 2012
  • She earned $29 million in 2013
  • She earned $14 million in  2014
  • She earned $21 million in 2015
  • She earned $20 million in 2016
  • She earned $16 million in 2017
  • She earned $10 million in 2018
  • She earned $20 million in 2019
  • She earned $10 million in 2020

Nicki Minaj Salary

  • Annual salary                       $29,000,000.00
  • Monthly salary                      $2,416,666.67
  • Weekly salary                       $557,692.31
  • Daily salary                             $111,538.46

Nicki Minaj per show earning

  • Nicki Minaj per show earning is $500,000.

Nicki Minaj real estate

nicki minaj net worth

The Beverly Hills mansion Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill rented in August 2016 cost $35,000 per month. On the site of Frank Sinatra’s former residence, the home was built in 2008 and offers panoramic city and mountain views.

Besides an indoor swimming pool and spa, there is an eat-in kitchen with a wood-lined library with built-ins, a formal dining room, and eight bedrooms.

Biography 2023

He was born on December 8, 1982, in Saint James, Trinidad & Tobago. Her career as a rapper requires her to spend most of her time in the United States, despite being Trinidadian. There are thousands upon thousands of people around the world who have been changed by her wonderful haircut and tattoos. She was born into a Christian family on December 8, 1982.

The year 2021 will mark the 38th anniversary of her birth. Known by her stage name, Nicki Minaj, Trinidadian-American rapper Onika Tanya Maraj is a Trinidadian-American rapper. She was a teen romantic interest of her current producer, Peter Gene Hernandez, whose name is an anagram of one of her previous stage names. Nicki was born on December 8th, 1984, making her an astrological sign of Sagittarius (a sign found in the Zodiac cycle of the Solar System).

Her religious background is Christian, and she has managed to keep it out of her career for several reasons, including the fact that she believes being famous may lead others to stray from her religion as well as the fact that some people may be intolerant toward certain religions, especially when it comes to publicity over other things.

favorite Quotes

  • stay in school. …
  • “You’re not gonna tell me who I am. …
  • “Good advice I always hated but lookin’ back it made me greater.” …
  • “If I’m fake I ain’t notice, cause my money ain’t.” …
  • “You can hate me, but why to knock my hustle? …
  • “Let me make this clear, I’m not difficult, I’m just ’bout my business.”
  • You’re not gonna tell me who I am. I’m gonna tell you who I am.”
  • “Your victory is right around the corner. Never give up.”
  • “But had I accepted the pickle juice, I would be drinking pickle juice right now.”


Before 2016, Nicki Minaj had carved out a name and a career for herself as a rapper, singer, and songwriter. Aside from setting new records for earning more money than any other hip-hop or rap artist, Nicki has been widely regarded as one of the most successful and highest-earning female rappers of all time.

However, this has only come about after Nicki overcame several challenging hurdles along her professional journey that saw her debut deal with three major labels not pan out and having to battle unfair critics who called her “stupid”, a “**** star”, “annoying” and even claiming she wasn’t going anywhere – all of which came about because people refused to understand that she was much more than just your typical ivory-tower lyricist.

Nicki Minaj. Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Wikipedia






What’s Nicki Minaj’s net worth 2021?

Nicki Minaj is one of the most influential hip-hop artists, and most definitely the most influential female hip-hop artist. Nicki Minaj has won multiple awards including Grammy and Billboard Music Awards. She released her first album in 2014 with guest appearances from big-name stars like Arianna Grande and Drake.

Who’s richer Nicki or Cardi?

Nicki Minaj, who has been in the industry since 2007, is estimated to be worth $85 million as of 2021. Cardi B, who is also an American rapper and songwriter, gained popularity after she appeared alongside other artists such as Future and Lil’ Wayne on tracks that reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

How much does Nicki make a year?

2016$20 million
2017$16 million
2018$10 million
2019$20 million

How many kids do Nicki Minaj have?

Nicki Minaj has only one child who is a boy. Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenny Petty welcomed their son just a year after their marriage.

Do Cardi and Nicki Minaj have beef?

A few weeks later, Cardi B denied that she had dissed Nicki Minaj. Both rappers made statements to Billboard magazine confirming that there was no animosity between them and that they would be collaborating in the near future.


  • यह अनुमान लगाया गया है कि निकी मिनाज की कुल संपत्ति $ 100 मिलियन है क्योंकि उसने एक संगीत आइकन और फैशनिस्टा के रूप में नाम कमाया है।
  • यह कोई रहस्य नहीं है कि निकी मिनाज त्रिनिडाडियन हैं। सेंट जेम्स, त्रिनिदाद और टोबैगो में, उनका जन्म 8 दिसंबर 1982 को हुआ था और वह अब लंदन, इंग्लैंड में रहती हैं।
  • अन्य कलाकारों के काम में आने के माध्यम से ही मिनाज ने अपनी शुरुआत की। कहानी की शुरुआत लिल वेन ने इंटरनेट पर मिनाज के संगीत की खोज के साथ की और फिर उन्होंने इसका प्रचार करना शुरू किया।
  • इसे 2011 और 2015 में ‘अमेरिकन म्यूजिक अवार्ड्स-पसंदीदा रैप / हिप-हॉप कलाकार श्रेणी में सूचीबद्ध किया गया है।
  • 2000 से 2014 की अवधि के दौरान, मिनाज रैपर सैमुअल्स के साथ शामिल थी। यह 2015 में था कि उसने रैपर मिल को डेट करना शुरू किया, जिसके साथ वह तब से रिश्ते में है।
  • वह अभी दुनिया में सबसे प्रसिद्ध रैप सिंगर्स और रैपर्स में से एक हैं और उन्होंने त्रिनिदाद की रहने के बावजूद संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका में बहुत काम किया है।

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