pete davidson net worth

Net worth

Pete Davidson net worth has an estimated $8 million. He is an actor and comedian from the United States of America.

Net worth $8 million 
Date of birth 1993-11-16
Gender Male 
Profession Actor, the comedian, stand up comedian 
Nationality United States of America 
Last updated 2023


Pete Davidson’s Net worth in 2015$4 million 
Pete Davidson’s Net worth in 2019$6.6 million 
Pete Davidson’s Net worth in 2020$7 million 
Pete Davidson’s Net worth in 2021$7.5 million 
Pete Davidson’s Net worth in 2022$8 million 
Pete Davidson’s net worth Forbes $8 million 

Pete Davidson’s net worth Ariana grande?

Pete Davidson’s net worth Ariana grande is $200 million.

Early life

On November 16, 1993, Pete Davidson was born. Casey is the name of his sister. Pete’s father tragically passed away at the age of seven on September 11, 2001, when he was seven years old.

When his father, who worked as a New York City firefighter, was running through the Marriott Trade Center just before it collapsed, he was struck by it. A coping mechanism that Pete used to cope with his grief was to act out at school as a way to cope with his loss.

It was not uncommon for him to get into trouble on a regular basis. Later, when he was dealing with suicidal thoughts, he revealed that Kid Cudi’s music was what helped him get through it all.

Peter attended St. Francis College for one semester before deciding to pursue comedy as his career path after graduating from Xaverian High School in 2012.


A bowling alley in Staten Island was where Davidson performed stand-up comedy when he was 16. He appeared on screen for the first time in Philosophy. In addition to appearing on various reality shows, he also appeared on Gotham Comedy Live, which showcases rising comics on Comedy Central.

A short time later, he joined the cast of “Saturday Night Live” after performing standup and appearing on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”. Bill Hader had previously contacted him, so he was given the opportunity to audition. One of the youngest cast members in the history of SNL, he made his debut on the show when he was just 20 years old. The season premiere in 2014 featured Pete Davidson, who made his debut there.

Pete Davidson Movie

  • Trainwreck
  • Meet cute
  • Sit it Up
  • What men want
  • The Dirt
  • The suicide squad
  • The king of Staten island 

Pete Davidson award and achievement

  • 2020 People’s Choice Awards nomination for Favorite Comedian Actor


In his early days in television, Davidson developed comedians and moved away from comedic reality shows. For the first time on television, he showcased his stand-up abilities in 2013 in Comedy Central’s Gotham Comedy Live.

In the first video of that length for a comedian, the stand-up comedian’s jokes are getting 30 million views. Most of the reason is that he is a member of the cast of Saturday Night Live.

Other pursuits

As well as impersonating Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson does other things as well. She is made fun of by him copying her facial expressions.

His joke was that she used different accents on the show. I really enjoyed it. Stand-up comedy is also something Davidson has done. It was not uncommon for him to tell dirty jokes in his stand-up set. His stories also included being fired from a job because he was too high; someone walked into the bathroom while he was cutting his hair.

Another movie starring Davidson was Big Time Adolescence. He tries to get over his girlfriend who dumps him in this movie about a teenager.

personal life

A comedian and former Saturday Night Live cast member, Pete Davidson is best known for his work on Saturday Night Live. In relation to the pop star Ariana Grande, he is perhaps best known. The comedian was briefly romantically linked to comedian Carly Aquilino in 2018 and actress Kate Beckinsale in 2018.

A Crohn’s patient, Davidson has stated that without medical marijuana he cannot function. In an Instagram post, he announced that he had quit using drugs on March 6th, 2017, despite saying that he would not be able to work on SNL without it.

During an interview with Marc Maron, he clarified that he still smokes marijuana occasionally, but has considerably reduced his use since quitting cocaine. The relationship between Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian began in late 2021.

Pete and Ariana Grande had an undying love for each other, as the couple had already dated in 2014, which caused the relationship to end not long after it began. A troubling Instagram post he made sparked concern among his followers, prompting police to find him in a depression on December 15, 2018.

Pete Davidson Girlfriend

pete davidson net worth
  • Carly Aquilino
  • Cazzie David
  • Ariana Grande
  • Kate Beckinsale
  • Margaret Qualley
  • Kaia Gerber
  • Phoebe Dynevor
  • Kim Kardashian

Pete Davidson Earning

 Davidson is paid between $15,000 and $25,000 for his appearances on NBC’s “SNL.”. Based on his regular appearances, he makes between $125,000 and $200,000.

Davidson’s income is not just tied to his SNL appearances; in addition to his steady TV career, he also collects large paychecks from his live performances and film roles. In addition to his estimated $8 million net worth (according to Celebrity Net Worth), Davidson enjoys a very comfortable standard of living that even a low-profile condominium cannot match.

Pete Davidson salary and per show earning

  • As a cast member for NBC’s “SNL,” Davidson earns between $15,000 – $25,000 an episode he appears in.
  • As a long-standing cast member, Davidson earns around $15,000 per episode he appears in or $315,000 per year. The highest-paid cast members make $25,000 per appearance or around $500,000 per year.

Pete Davidson’s real estate

pete davidson net worth

Several months prior, Pete had purchased a new home for his mother on Staten Island, NY for 1.3 million dollars, across the street from the home he had just purchased. One year later, Pete bought an even grander house in Bridgehampton for $2.5 million after selling his condo he purchased in December 2020 for $1.2 million.

The home, which has marble floors and new cabinets, was purchased for $1.3 million in 2016.

Biography 2023

His role as Pete on Saturday Night Live made him a household name. Amy and Scot Matthew Davidson gave birth to him on November 16, 1993, in New York City, USAt the age of seven, Pete’s father, who worked as a firefighter, disappeared, causing him to suffer from depression.on.

Unfortunately, he did not get any better anWe are all broken as a result of the drastic decision he took after not getting any better, which left us all iOn June 16th, 1993, Pete Davidson was born in Staten Island, New Yorkmost of With his family relocating several times during his childhood, he attended numerous schools on Staten Island

favorite Quotes

“I just really want to do stand-up and act in stuff that I like.

“I don’t want idiots in my audience. …

“I have to do stand-up. …

 “I’m not making fun of it because I want to make fun of it. …

“It’s not good to be lit all the time and have no clear-headed thoughts.” — Pete Davidson. …


The son of a firefighter, Pete Davidson is an American comedian and actor. In addition to his stand-up career in New York, he became one of the funniest personalities in America on Saturday Night Live. He has a net worth of $2 million.

WhiThere is a $2 million net worth foThe parents of Davidson were strict, but they expected him to do well in schDespite his parents’ expectations, he consistently earnedon isn’t jThere’s more to Davidson than juBesides being a talented actBesides hosting Saturday Night Live, he has also appeared in films and television seriesght LiveAmong American culture’s most well-known figures, Pete Davidson possesses many talentsAAs a young man, he still has a long career ahead of him, since he hasn’t reached his thirties yetreer ahead of him.

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What disease does Pete Davidson have?

The “Saturday Night Live” actor has been fighting several illnesses throughout his life, beginning with Crohn’s disease. Like many other people afflicted with this illness, Davidson found it difficult to eat enough food to keep up with some of his basic energy needs and wound up underweight during certain stages of his life. “There was a moment where I couldn’t get out of bed,” he told People magazine.

Is Pete Davidson rich?

As an “SNL” cast member, Davidson gets a $15,000 to $25,000 per episode paycheck. His estimated net worth is just over $8 million according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Why did Pete Davidson delete his social media?

Pete Davidson deleted his Instagram account after his first post was flooded with Kanye West fans telling him to “find ***.” In addition, they also told him to “go back to my own heathen godless country.” However, when you allow enough time to go by, maybe Pete will be able to start a new page and possibly have more fun this time around if he doesn’t end up dishing out any other hot takes in the meantime.

What ethnicity is Pete?

Pete grew up in a family of six with four older brothers and one younger sister. As mentioned, his lineage includes Irish, Italian, German, English, Scottish, and Jewish blood. Pete is certainly not White as his roots link him to the above ethnic origins. He has always been surrounded by diversity in his pure form because his parents were those who lived separately abroad before marrying and moving back to America where they spent the rest of their lives together raising kids in Beverly Hills.

What is Pete Davidson famous for?

Davidson is a comedian, best known for being a current cast member of the late-night sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live (SNL). He is only 28 years old.


  • 16 नवंबर, 1993 वह दिन था जब डेविडसन का जन्म हुआ था।
  • स्टेटन द्वीप गेंदबाजी गली, 16 साल की उम्र में, डेविडसन का पहला चरण था। वह पहली बार पर्दे पर फिलॉसफी में नजर आए।
  • एरियाना ग्रांडे के अपने प्रतिरूपण के अलावा, पीट डेविडसन भी उनकी तरह काम करता है। वह उसके चेहरे के भावों की नकल करके उसका मजाक उड़ाती है।
  • एक अभिनेता और हास्य अभिनेता, पीट डेविडसन कई वर्षों तक सैटरडे नाइट लाइव में एक कास्ट सदस्य थे। उनका सबसे प्रसिद्ध रिश्ता एरियाना ग्रांडे के साथ है, जो एक पॉप स्टार हैं।
  • घर पीट ने अपनी मां को स्टेटन द्वीप, एनवाई पर 2016 में 1.3 मिलियन डॉलर में खरीदा था, यह एक नया घर था।
  • टेलीविज़न शो सैटरडे नाइट लाइव में, पीट डेविडसन को पीट के नाम से जाना जाता है। एमी और स्कॉट मैथ्यू डेविडसन ने 16 नवंबर, 1993 को अमेरिका के न्यूयॉर्क शहर में दुनिया में उनका स्वागत किया

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