SIMON MONJACK NET WORTH Age, Wife, Career, And Death Cause

simon monjack net worth

Simon Monjack Net Worth is $500 Million

News resources confirm that Simon Monjack net worth is $500 thousand. He is a screenwriter, film producer, film director, and makeup artist from the united kingdom.

Net worth $500 thousand 
Date of birth 1970-03-09
Gender Male
Profession Screenwriter, film producer, film director, makeup artist
Nationality United Kingdom 
Last updated 2022

Simon Monjack Early life

The birth of Simon Mark Monjack took place in Hillingdon, Greater London, England, on March 9, 1970. In addition to his mother, he has a father who is a doctor and a hypnotherapist.

His schooling took place at Juniper Hill School, Flackwell Heath, and Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe, where he grew up in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire. As a 15-year-old boy, Simon lost his father, William, to a brain tumor.

Simon Monjack Career

Without discussing Simon Monjack’s career thus far, it would be impossible to determine his net worth. During the year 2000, he directed, wrote, and produced a B-movie titled Two days, Nine lives. He was given Story credit in 2006 for the documentary Factory Girl, a biographical film about Jackie Robinson.

The film was quite controversial according to director George Hickenlooper, who said that Factory Carl had nothing to do with Monjack. A frivolous lawsuit was being attempted against us by claiming that we stole his script. He was completely wrong, as it turned out.

Because the settlement had no other option, Simon was to receive store credit. The following year, E! Earlier this year, it was reported that Monjack had been chosen to direct D.M. Thomas’ book about Sigmund Freud, D.M. Thomas’ The White Hotel.

Simon Monjack Movie

  • Two Days, Nine Lives
  • Top Priority: The Terror Within
  • Factory Girl

Simon Monjack Breakthrough

The late Simon Mark Monjack was an accomplished director, producer, and writer in addition to being an … A breakthrough came when he wrote, directed, and produced Two Days, Nine Lives, which brought him career success.

Simon Monjack Personal life

Simone Bienne had been Simon’s wife from 2001 to 2006, and then they married on April 12, 2007, after spending time with Brittany’s mother in a Los Angeles home they shared. The collapsed Brittany couldn’t be revived after she collapsed in her bathroom on December 20, 2009.

The autopsy report indicates that she died from pneumonia, iron deficiency anemia, and drug intoxication. In the wake of Murphy’s tragic death, Simon and Brittany’s mother, Sharon, established the Brittany Murphy Foundation, which promotes children’s arts education and cancer research.

As a result of his credit card fraud charge in 2005, Monjack’s charges against him were dropped. Coutts and Co. evicted him from four houses in 2006 and sued him for $470,000. He was arrested and imprisoned for nine days in 2007 because his visa had expired. Later that year, he went to court to seek payment from his ex-wife.

Simon Monjack Cause of Death

In early 2010, Simon’s mother told “People” magazine that Monjack suffered a “slight heart attack” after Brittany’s death while returning to Puerto Rico. Sharon Murphy found Simon unconscious after Brittany’s death and pronounced him dead.

She continued to live in the house after her daughter’s death. Forest Lawn Memorial Park buried Monjack beside his wife, which was found to be the cause of his death, acute pneumonia, and severe anemia.

Simon Monjack Girlfriend and wife

Simon Monjack Net Worth

Simon Monjack Earning 

As a screenwriter, director, producer, make-up artist, and producer based in the United States with a net worth of $500 thousand, Simon Monjack had a salary of $500 thousand per year.

The actress Brittany Murphy died of pneumonia and anemia at the age of 40, a little more than five months after her husband died at the age of 40.

Simon Monjack Salary

$100k – $ 1 million in net worth in the preceding year (2021)

Simon Monjack Real estate 

Simon Monjack Net Worth

Britney Spears sold Brittany Spears a Hollywood Hills home for $3.85 million in 2003 for Simon, Brittany, and Sharon. Following Simon and Brittany’s untimely deaths several months apart, many people questioned whether toxic mold was a contributing factor.

Despite suffering seizures, sleep apnea, and asthma, Monjack had the house tested for mold when Murphy passed away, but no mold was found.

It was determined that the deaths were not caused by mold by the coroner’s office, but Brittany’s mother, who suffered from breast cancer and neuropathy during her time there, said years later, “We now know that the toxic mold found inside the house may have been one of the main causes of Brittany’s death.” The house was sold for $2.7 million by Sharon in 2011.

Simon owned property after he passed away that was haunted by horror stories. As a result of the house being listed ten times since Murphy and Monjack died, the mansion had to undergo complete reconstruction and makeover in 2013.

In three years’ time, the developers deconstructed the property and then tore it down and replaced it with a contemporary structure.

Biography 2023

In 1970, Simon Monjack was born in the United Kingdom and became a famous Director. At the age of 52, he is still active. In addition to being a film producer, author, and director, he was married to actress Brittany Murphy for over a decade. The myocardial infarction that took his life occurred in 2010. Pisces is a zodiac sign associated with Simon Monjack’s birth.

During Monjack’s childhood, he was born and raised in a Jewish family in Hillingdon, Middlesex. In his family of five children, he was born in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire. DuJuniper Hill School, Flackwell Heath, and Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe, were the schools he attended during his early schooling.

He lost his father, William (1949–1986), at the age of 15, to a brain tumor. His mother, Linda Hall, is a hypnotherapist and his teacher(née Hall) is a hypnotherapist. nee Hall) specializes in hypnotherapy

favorite Quotes

  • It’s no surprise that optimistic athletes, managers, and teams do better. What’s interesting is where they do better. It’s in coming back from defeat and acting in the clutch.
  • The ideal state is that in which an injury is done to the least of its citizens is an injury done to all.
  • I want to find a nice decent job as a helicopter pilot.
  • At any moment, we are either giving humanity the gift of our clarity or our confusion. And that clarity or confusion is affecting the humanity around us, and the world around us. It is manifesting. It is taking form.
  • I never give answers. I lead from one question to another. That is my leadership.
  • Radical historians now tell the story of Thanksgiving from the point of view of the turkey.
  • Simon Monjack had nothing to do with ‘Factory Girl.’ He filed a frivolous lawsuit against us … making bogus claims that we had stolen his script. He held us literally hostage and we were forced to settle with him as he held our production over a barrel.


It was Simon Monjack who wrote and directed a number of films.

Born near Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, Simon Monjack grew up to become a filmmaker and screenwriter. His first commercial, Two Days, Nine Lives, was released in the year 2000. One of the films he has contributed to is Factory Girl, a biographical film about Andy Warhol.

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What was Simon Monjack net worth when he died?

Both Simon and Brittany Murphy died of pneumonia and anemia in May 2010, just five months after they both lost their wives. Simon Monjack net worth is $500 thousand at the age of death.

Was Simon Monjack rich?

Approximately $500,000 was Simon Monjack’s net worth

In addition to writing, directing, and producing, Monjack was also a producer. In addition to being a hairstylist and make-up artist, he was also a make-up artist. Monjack served as Murphy’s manager and agent, taking over Murphy’s roles. Upon his death at the age of 40 on May 23, 2010, he was worth $500,000

Where is Simon Monjack buried?

In Southern California, Forest Lawn has six cemeteries, including Hollywood Hills. In Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills neighborhood, it can be found at 6300 Forest Lawn Drive.

How old is Simon Monjack?

He is 40 years old

Are Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack buried together?

At a funeral ceremony held in Los Angeles on Thursday, Simon Monjack was buried next to Brittany Murphy, whom he lost four years ago. At Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Monjack was buried next to Murphy after a private service attended by about 75 family members and friends.


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  • साइमन मार्क मोनजैक का जन्म 9 मार्च, 1970 को ग्रेटर लंदन, इंग्लैंड के हिलिंगडन में हुआ था
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  • सिमोन बिएन 2001 से 2006 तक साइमन की पत्नी थीं, और फिर उन्होंने 12 अप्रैल, 2007 को लॉस एंजिल्स के घर में ब्रिटनी की मां के साथ समय बिताने के बाद शादी कर ली।
  • 2010 की शुरुआत में, साइमन की मां ने “पीपल” पत्रिका को बताया कि प्यूर्टो रिको लौटते समय ब्रिटनी की मृत्यु के बाद मोनजैक को “मामूली दिल का दौरा” पड़ा
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  • ब्रिटनी स्पीयर्स ने 2003 में साइमन, ब्रिटनी और शेरोन के लिए ब्रिटनी स्पीयर्स को हॉलीवुड हिल्स का घर 3.85 मिलियन डॉलर में बेच दिया।
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